"he’s okay with riding the asphalt and dirt on and along the California coast."

   -Asphalt & Dirt,  Jan 2015      (click here for full blog)

"the famous Black Lightning Motorcycle Café on the corner of 5th Avenue (U.S. 101 north) and F Street. Kurt and I went there for breakfast, and half a dozen other traveling motorcyclists were already eating and drinking coffee. A dozen bikes are on display, helmets and jackets and other apparel is for sale, and there is great conversation.  After a satisfying Black Lightning egg and sausage sandwich..."  -Clements Salvadori, Toad Test Editor, Rider Magazine, February 2015           (click here for full rider magazine article)

 "The Cafe is a must see."      -On The Level, Nov/Dec 2014  

" I imagine that every motorcyclist riding the coast would want to stop in Black Lightening Motorcycle Cafe if they knew it was there."

-Ari Henning, Racer & Road Test Editor, Motorcyclist Magazine, Spring 2014

​​​"If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, the Black Lightning will draw you in like a Venus flytrap." ​​-Greg Drevenstedt, Road Test Editor, Rider Magazine, May 2014   (click here for full rider magazine article)

"Eat, drink, and be merry at Black Lightning Motorcycle Cafe in Eureka, CA, one of the coolest, tastiest places we've visited!"   

 -Greg Drevenstedt, Road Test Editor, Rider Magazine, Facebook-April 2014

​Black Lightning Motorcycle Cafe is located in the heart of Humboldt County.  It has the personal touch of being locally owned while still providing a world view.

It's the perfect place to buy high quality riding apparel & gear, fill your belly, hook up with riding buddies, and head off to explore California's most beautiful redwood and coastal rides. 

Doesn't matter if you ride or just want a good cup of coffee,  Black Lighting Motorcycle Cafe is the hangout for everyone! Keep the shiny side up!

~Jeff Hesseltine, Owner

"The Moto Envy Bike Show is just one of the things Jeff Hesseltine is doing to add to the motorcycle community."  

-Ralph Rodriguez, Two Wheel Podcast, Aug 2015  (click here to hear the full podcast)

"we found more than a fantastic lunch spot in Eureka, California.   Black Lightning Motorcycle Cafe is a cleverly designed, cool as hell concept..."  -Micahel Accorsi, Green Lights and Ham, Dec 2015  (click here for full blog)

"​ The sandwich was hand’s down one of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve enjoyed in a very long time."  -Sam Bendall, Ride Apart, May 2015           (click here for full Ride Apart blog)

In The News...

 "the show that the good folks at the BLMC put on warmed my blackened, withered heart."    -Surj Gish, CityBike, Oct 2015  (click here for full article)

"I’d greatly suggest you swing West through Eureka if you are tripping up or down the West Coast- and make a special trip for the Moto Envy show if you get a chance. "  -The Moto Lady, Moto Lady Blog, Oct 2015  (click here for full blog)